2.25" Dolls

Below are photos of my patterns for 2.25 inch Dolls. You can get a closer look at each one by clicking on the photo.


Each pattern costs £3 and is delivered to your computer as a pdf so that you can either store or print it out.


At the moment, each pattern is on an A4 sheet for ease of printing out however my plans are to gradually update each one to include more photos.

blacklogo 4 garter zigzag gown More Details & Buy this pattern 5 tumbling domino gown More Details & Buy this pattern 6 gothic arch gown More Details & Buy this pattern 9 crochet jacket & frilly knickers More Details & Buy this pattern More Details & Buy this pattern 10 wavy lace jacket & trousers 11 romper suit More Details & Buy this pattern More Details & Buy this pattern

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My Patterns on Ravelry
23 heart & eyelet gown

Pattern 4 - Garter Zigzag Gown - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 5 - Tumbling Domino Gown - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 6 - Gothic Arch Gown - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 23 - Heart & Eyelet Gown - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 11 - Romper Suit - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 10 - Wavy Lace Jacket & Trousers - 2.25" Doll

Pattern 9 - Jacket & Frilly Knickers (Crochet) - 2.25" Doll


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